Thursday, April 14, 2011

Salta, Agentina

Salta, Argentina -- We stayed a total of three nights at a bed & breakfast named, coincidentally, Carpe Diem, run by a German and Italian couple. Salta's touristic center is busy but certainly not overwhelming. Carpe Diem provides a pleasant oasis within a short walk from the historic square. Their breakfast was more substantial than most we found in Argentina, and they included fresh-baked cakes every day. (Peach upside down cake was my favorite.)

Things to do in Salta.

MAAM, is the archeological museum of the high mountain, which houses three Inca child mummies and artifacts. Only one of the three is displayed at any time. Even without any mummies, the other artifacts might be worth the visit. Some of the small figures, with colorful textiles and feathers look like Incans crafted them yesterday, not hundreds of years ago. The story, the history, and the craft make it a must see if you are in town.

Walk around. Grand historic buildings, shops, and restaurants make walking around a treat. The central square is well-landscaped. We felt perfectly safe.

Historical Museum. On the square is a 16th century building that serves as a museum and a working municipal building. Collections include archeological artifacts, furniture, architectual pieces and even old cars. It's worth a walk through.

Paseo Balcarce. This is the night club strip, if you can stay up that late. For day people, the Sunday market offers hand-crafted goods, baked goods, and other things from individual vendors.

Things maybe you should not do in Salta.

Don't try to make Salta your home base for "day trips" to Cafayate or Salinas Grande. The driving times are too long. We found places to stay so that our "day trips" were "over night" excursions.

The Teleferico (tram) up to the "natural area" disappointed us. We had hoped to be able to walk around in a forested area. However, there is no walking up there. It is a limited area. The view is great; you see how huge Salta really is. There's a place for food and beverage. So, if you want the view, it's good. If you want something else, then, not so good.

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