Friday, April 15, 2011

Recoleta Cemetary in Buenos Aires is Alive with Activity.

Recoleta Cemetery is a curious place that is worth the visit.

This city of the dead proves that you CAN take it with you. Your home in death can be every bit as prestigious as the mansion where you lived. And why pay for a fancy casket only to bury it? Instead, some Porteños added windows to their crypts so we can all see the quality.

Some crypts are old and crumbling. The elements have broken in to damage the interior and the coffins. Others are of a modern design, indicating that the desire for necropolis prestige is not dead.

I suppose it’s rational to provide a nice place for your loved ones to visit you when you’re dead. Personally, I’d prefer my ashes scattered on a beautiful place, so that anyone who cares can visit me there.

Evita is buried here in the Duarte family crypt, which attracts many visitors with cameras in hand. The cemetery is very popular with tourists. I was reluctant to go, but glad we did. The ornate and beautiful buildings appeal to one's architectural sensibilities. The exposed coffins appeal to the macabre corners of the brain.

Several cats call Recoleta Cemetery home, finding peaceful rest even in life, as pictured above.

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