Friday, April 8, 2011

El Tigre, Argentina

Wealthy people from Buenos Aires have gotten away to El Tigre, Argentina for well over a century. We enjoyed two nights in El Tigre, staying at an old mansion that now serves as Villa Victoria Bed and Breakfast.

Why go to El Tigre? It is a pleasant place. The rivers around the town are bustling with historic water taxies, rowboats, and industrial craft. The walks along the river and under the old trees are very pleasant. Unfortunately, the Fruit Market was closed during our visit. But during our stroll through its grounds, I imagined that one could enjoy a lot of different shops as well as people watching.

El Tigre is the entry to a vast delta. If one had the time and energy, there is likely a lot to explore. We went as far Bonanza Deltaventura, which I discuss in part two of this post.

Getting There. We hired Remises, which are taxis that one schedules in advance. From Jorge Newberry Airport to El Tigre cost $120 pesos. From El Tigre to Ezeiza International Airport cost $186 pesos. Trains also service El Tigre.

What we liked in town. We enjoyed the river walks and walking around the gracious old neighborhoods with grand old houses and great arching trees. This was at the end of our frenetic two weeks in country, so we appreciated the leisurely pace. As with other parts of Argentina, we enjoyed the very nice people, who greeted our very weak Spanish language skills with their good-natured best efforts to communicate with a smile.
End of Part 1, go to part 2.

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